Relationships are at the heart of our business

When you partner with Charlie, you partner with a company that believes in doing well by doing good and turning prophets into profits. Join us.

Let’s Change This Mix for Good

Drinking and driving just don’t mix. Though much progress has been made, we believe it is time for a fresh innovative approach.

We found a way to put the incentive for NOT driving directly into the hands of the consumers. They are rewarded for doing what is good for them.

For the first time, consumers are in the driver’s seat without ever getting behind the wheel.

Together, we can change this mix for good.

We’d love for you to be part of that change with us.

The Difference Between Safe and Free

Saving lives is at the heart of our brand, but there’s an important difference at the core of what drives us: We don’t just value life, we value living life to its fullest.

That’s why we go beyond saving lives to be a catalyst of social freedom by giving all humankind access to a free ride.

That’s the difference between safe and free.

That’s the Charlie difference.

Charlie Connects to the World

We are not just an app. We provide a total experience with our users. That’s why we meet them where they are – out in the world having a life.

Charlie Girls go into the field to create Brand buzz in local communities.

They go to restaurants, bars and lifestyle events bringing free rides to the world and spreading the brand message of social freedom and social responsibility.

By doing this, we bring together a community of families, neighbors and businesses to offer safe smart alternatives to driving under the influence.

No Excuses. No Judgement. No Charge.

By giving free rides, Charlie takes away the final reason to drive under the influence. Cost.

The ‘Ride/Free’ promise provides a direct consumer incentive to not drive under the influence – offering safety through empowerment not embarrassment – promoting freedom not fear.


When you connect your brand to Charlie, you connect with an engaged audience in a way that says you care about your customers.

Let’s work together to build a partnership that will make a difference in your business and in people’s lives.

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